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  • From a single location, a unified dashboard. Envision a centralized platform where you can engage, communicate, make sales, generate leads, and promote to your customers! And the benefits don't end there—you have the flexibility to tailor the functionalities according to your budget. Begin with the essentials and effortlessly expand whenever you desire, just by clicking a button. At last, a straightforward and cost-effective solution that provides all the elements you seek in a single place.
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Introducing Convers8ions

Convers8ions is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, offering a user-friendly yet powerful platform. Tailored for the current and future needs of business owners, Convers8ions provides a diverse range of tools to serve your customers.

Created by a team of experienced professionals in Sales, Marketing, Programming, and Communications, our platform enhances your profitability and efficiency by placing text at its core. Texting is the preferred communication method for customers, and Convers8ions integrates it with other cutting-edge marketing tools, all in one seamless location.


C8 Messenger

Communicate with your customers via SMS, Email, and Voice. Manage your CRM, Company Reputation, and more with a simple click, all in one convenient area.


Video Hello & Widgets

Utilize our advanced website widgets to prompt customer engagement. From videos, lead forms, appointment calendars, QR codes, to video or audio messages, your customers can take action effortlessly.


Launch Pad Ad Builder

Whether you need a Mobile Responsive Ad, Custom Coupons, or click-through data, Launch Pad has it all. Create custom offers and messages instantly using our drag-and-drop tools, impressing both you and your customers.


Ring SMS Plus

Streamline your inbound calls with time-sensitive voice menus, personalized employee mailboxes with voicemail, and more advanced features like SMS tagging, lead generation, and call recording for training purposes.


Reputation Builder

After positive interactions with clients, provide them with a reputation feedback link to boost your Google ratings. As people witness the value of your services, your business will flourish.

driving license

Advanced CRM

Our advanced CRM automatically tags customers through Lead Forms, SMS, and Voice AI.



Engage your targeted audience within seconds by sending messages or scheduling them for a preferred time. Stay connected with new customers daily!



Receive detailed reports directly to your email, ensuring you stay informed about daily operations. Download reports to analyze your business's performance, including Chat Reports, Metrics, Customer Reports, Usage History, and more.

  • Convers8ions allows you to build your own product by selecting the product modules that interest you most. Adding additional features is effortless once you get started.
  • It's an affordable platform that pays for itself, without any long-term agreements. The low monthly cost makes it accessible to any business. There's no need for third-party plugins or subscriptions to other platforms—every customer enjoys free access to our powerful CRM and other special tools.
  • Getting started and using the platform is easy. We provide a comprehensive video training library and onboarding tools to minimize the learning curve.
  • With Convers8ions, you pay one monthly fee, eliminating the need to invest in multiple products. Save both time and money with Convers8ions.

Begin by making your business text-friendly.

Experience an instant transformation by enabling text capabilities for your business phone number. Initiate marketing campaigns through print, digital, and online messaging, informing customers that they can now contact you with a single text message! All incoming texts will be conveniently accessible to you within the Convers8ions Dashboard.

Build Your Business

Never lose another lead again
  • Use our Video Website Widget, Meet & Greet to draw in more leads. Actively engage them with the latest automated tools.
      Ecommerce, Property Management, Quote Based Products, Real Estate, Health Services, Help Desks
  • Use our App Free Privacy Protect messaging tool for your employees who are mobile.
      Mask your employees cell number when communicating to customers, reach those who are on lunch or away from their desk, reach those who are live after hours support
  • Organize customer contact and communication records with our robust CRM
      Add large customer lists via CSV import, add individual customers with just a click, search for customer and find in seconds with our built-in search tool, create custom fields for your CRM to meet any need, ADF integration for dealerships

Reach Customer's In Seconds

Maintain great customer service 24/7
  • Forget delays, send and receive texts, picture, messenger or call instantly
  • Get immediate customer feedback by using the reputation builder for faster results
  • Need that phone call for more complex conversations? Speed dial you customer in seconds with Clkick2Call
  • Instantly reply to customers 24/7 with our automated reply feature

Streamline Your Customer Communications

Automated and Integrated processes allow employees to generate more sales
  • Get the customer to the right person with intelligent keyword routing
  • Easily transfer inbound messages to another employee with a click in the main dashboard
  • Create key departments to handle specific needs like HR, Accounting and Sales
  • Set audible and visual alerts to enhance notification and never miss an inbound customer message
  • Notify all employees in seconds of company priorities using Net Messenger or our Staff Notifier

Employees/Agents Able To Multi Task With More Customers

Tear Down The Brick and Morter Barriers
  • Handle increased workloads with 'Round Robin' and split things up evenly no matter where your employees are located.
  • Create departments within your business for better organization
  • Accomplish more with the same or less employees.
Built to create sales 24/7.
Convers8ions manages both inbound and outbound communications from one simple inbox.

Here's a Few of the Product Features

  • Text Broadcasting

    Text Bandit                              Group Broadcaster

    Schedule custom text and voice brDramatically boost your brand awareness and marketing campaigns by sending bulk messages to contact groups, while being able to track the statistics of recurring messages.

  • email broadcasting

    Email Followup

    Having autoresponder email capabilities improves credibility, brand awareness, and sales.

  • conversation

    C8 Messenger

    Connect inbound client conversations with employees with the click of a button or just use tagging to have it forwarded automatically. The Click2Call feature allows your employees to make phone calls to customers directly from platform.

  • Call Blocking

    Ring SMS

    Never have your business phone line busy out and always be able to handle a call the way you want. .

  • autoresponders

    Lead Bridge

    Tag and automatically track your leads in a custom sales pipeline. Keywords employees can easily move a prospect to the appropriate stage of the sales process.

  • email utoresponders

    Advanced Sequencing

    Use Convers8ions pre-enabled auto messaging capabilities to enable automatic email and text sequences to keep warm leads engaged and work to close them quickly.

  • FB Audience Builder

    FB Audience Builder

    Use one of the largest social media platforms to your advantage while our software automatically retargets your audience based on your current contacts, and helps to close even more sales.

  • Coupon Builder

    Launch Pad Ad Builder

    Design custom promotions or coupons, and generate more business by easily distributing them through email or SMS messaging all from one database.

  • change

    C8 Messenger

    Round Robin allows team members to equally share inbound leads or calls for equitable team workloads and revenue sharing. .

  • appointments


    Appointment Portal allows leads to self schedule demos and sales calls via the web or mobile device. Office users can also book appointments with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • webchat-website-widget

    Video Hello Web Page Widgets

    Create a chat widget to embed on any website and allow leads to instantly create email, text, or messenger conversations with your team members at the click of a button.

  • lead protect

    C8 Messenger Privacy Protect

    Privacy Protect maintains the confidentiality of your employee when they engage a customer on their mobile phone. We protect your employees mobile number and never reveal it to a customer.

  • Transcription & Recording

    Conversation Tagging

    Create automated settings to group leads and customers based on specific criteria, and alert other team members of higher priority conversations.

  • referral generator

    5 Star Review Generator

    Enable automatic email and SMS follow up messages to generate more reviews from your customers.

Upgrade to Convers8ions Premium

Weaponize your account with reputation management, custom coupons, social media audience building, and other essentials and enhancements for growing your business revenues.


Max Company Users

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Text Enable Business Landline

$5.99 ea.
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Text Enable Business Landline

$3.99 ea.
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Module Compatibility

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Companies that have their communications firing on all cylinders with Convers8ions

John Rousseau

It's easy for me to run the company having the communication tools i've always needed right in front of me now. If you have not had the chance to try the Convers8ions, I suggest you do.

Sue Elliott

Convers8ions is the best invention I've seen. You can do so many things to build your business and it's all in one place. I love how simple it is to use and how many more customers I can take care of at once, its game changing. My productivity is through the roof now! Convers8ions, Great Job!

Susan Kolenda

Convers8tions changed the whole way I communicated with my customers. It only took a few seconds and they could text into my business number, I didnt realize how many customers wanted to reach me via a text!
Every business owner should take advantage of these cool things inside the platform.

Alessa Evans

Contacting all of my residents is so simple now, I can literally take care of hundreds of residenta all by myself. Convers8ions makes managing our our property a breeze and its super simple.

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Who Is Convers8ions For?

Any business, company or organization. Our goal here is to make handling your business easy. Having the ability to grow and expand through features designed to help your business succeed. No matter what field or environment your business may be, Convers8ions is built for it.

How much does it cost to enable my landline phone number for text messaging?

You can enable your landline phone number for $7.99

How Much Does It Cost?

We have packages that suit any and every business. Our Essentials package is $49.00 USD, Our premium is $199.00 plus other package deals such as custom packages.

What Are The Benefits Of The Convers8ions Software?

You will be able to send your message to your targeted audience in seconds! Being able to communicate through texting, calling, customer support and much more. Begin increasing your company's revenue while keeping your customers happy!

Where Do I Sign-Up?

You can request a free demo here today.

Can I text from my business landline phone number?

Enter your landline number below, we will tell you if your landline is text ready.

What Communications Does It Include?

We cover all communications. From Text Messaging, Sending Pictures/Coupons/Flyers/Posters, Emails, and Phone calls.

Is there a commitment when signing up with Convers8ions?

No, you can cancel your account at anytime. However, we think you'll enjoy your time here.

Is Convers8ions mobile friendly?

Of course! You can use Convers8ions right from your mobile phone through the use of the internet.

Do I need to download an app to use Convers8ions?

Nope! Use Convers8ions on any device that supports a internet browser.

Can my entire staff use this platform?

Most definetley! The bigger your business the more we have to offer.

How long does it take to get started?

Within a couple minutes you can have your account setup and ready to use.

Can I send and receive texts to international numbers?

Unfortunately not at this time. North America only.

How easy is the platform to use?

Convers8ions is one of the easiest conversation platforms to use, we also cover everything inside of our training.

How many credits is a call worth?

For phone calls, it's 1 credit per minute. If you're call is under a minute you will be charged a single credit.

Do I need to be near my phone system or phone line to send and receive texts?

No. Actually all you need is your buisness's phone number. You can make your landline number mobile friendly and send texts and take calls straight from the platform.

How will I know when new texts have been received?

Not only will you get a notification via sms and email you will also be able to see and hear the audible and visual alerts.

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