Engage your website visitors with a call to action that generates new customers automatically!

Get more customers with a personalized interactive web video!

Greet every website visitor with an automated video welcome that can book appointments, capture leads, and drive more sales

How Video Hello helps your business grow…

Greet, Engage, and Generate leads for each website visitor - all on autopilot

Record a personal video message that will appear in a friendly attention-grabbing bubble – ready to welcome anyone who visits your website. You only have one chance to make a great first impression!

Invite your visitors to book a restaurant table, sales call, or consultation, straight from your Lead Bubble with pretty much any calendar or booking service.

Build your marketing list & capture more leads by offering a discount or free content with a video message directing your visitor to the integrated opt-in form.

Boost your sales and revenue with a unique, warm, and personalized message that can automate engagement, and drive higher on-site conversion rates.

Automate almost any repetitive task. Take bookings, answer questions, capture customer details, direct visitors to specific content on your site.

Deliver a human, brand-aligned interaction that will make each visitor feel a warmer connection with your business & brand.

It's easy to get started - just follow these steps…

Record a quick video

Create your own personalized video that introduces your company so your customers can start too interact. Recording is simple, use your phone or your desktop camera to record and with a click you have it uploaded for action.

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Customize Your Video

Use Video Hello to stylize your message to match specific branding and color scheme.of your cohice

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Add Your Action Channels

Decide which actions you would like your customer to take. There's no need for plug-ins for outside services, just choose whether you would like sms, lead forms, voice, appoinments and more.

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Integrate Video Hello with
your favorite communication channels

Greet your website visitors with a impressive video message, then engage them to interact with you via different communication tools without having to purchase or use any third party plug ins. 

Promote Products

Offer special promotions to your customers through our interactive QR Codes. Track redemptions, set coupon quantities and create limited time offers with our Launch Pad feature.

Text Messaging

Use Text Messaging to send and receive messages directly from your video. No third party integrations necessary.

Video Messaging

Allow your customers to send you a video message, perfect for those customers who would rather show you than try to describe what they want.


Have a form to enroll someone in an event, or to drop something off after hours, use our form builder to quickly set up the perfect one just for your business.

Set Appointments

Book Appointments through our online appoinment portal called bookitt.

Make YOUR business grow
faster with Video Hello

Discover the exciting ways that Video Hello can help you to win more customers,
build your online presence, and grow faster.

Book More Real Estate Showings

Welcome each visitor to your website with a personal video. Lead visitors to take actions like view current listings, view a list of upcoming open houses, schedule meetings or showings. You can even create specific Video Hello videos for specific pages of your website.

Book More Restaurant Tables

Share your latest dishes and special offers to promote your restaurant. Lead website visitors to make a reservation with OpenTable via our integration. Grow your email marketing list by creating a discount code or special offer and connecting our opt-in channel

Drive More Retail Store Sales

Drop an exclusive offer, show off your latest products, invite customers to visit your store or sign up to a promotional email list in return for a special offer, gift, or discount code.

Boost eCommerce Store Sales

Drive more sales with personalized video pitches that promote your products, share discount codes, and collect customer data & grow your marketing list

More Exposure For Influencers

Take advantage of your personality and record a personal message for each visitor to promote your brand and products, or direct visitors to affiliate promotions.

Add a Personal Touch To Your Web Pages and Guide Visitors to Actions that will Result in Higher Sales and More Profits. Welcome Them To Your Site With Open Arms That Will Build Your Brand and Leave Them Satisfied!

Video Hello is easy to use and creates a seamless automated flow of new prospects 24/7. It truely is a silent salesman working for you all day long.

Easy Installation of Video Hello Can Be Done in a Matter of Minutes.

Add Video Hello by simply adding the code generated for you. You will be signing up more customers, higher revenues and satisfying more customers in no time at all.

Track your customers engagement

Its easy to use Video Hello's analytics to find out how many customers clicked and engaged with your video.

Customize your Video Hello to Any Page

Put a custom Video Hello widget on as many pages as you want and add the features that reflect the call to action you deisre. Set appointments on one page or offer a QR code for a promo, it's up to you.

Save time compared to chat apps

Avoid the time, commitment, and manual, round-the-clock monitoring and replies that traditional chatbots and chat apps demand.

Keep your brand and website fresh

Record regular video content to give your visitors a fresh welcome and new reasons to come back to your website.

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  • Get 2000 SMS messages
  • Local Phone Number (Longcode) for Text Broadcasting
  • Single Page Install 
  • Lead Tracking Analysis 
  • Full Featured Reporting
  • Custom Loadouts for QR Codes, Forms and Coupons  
  • Inbound / Outbound SMS
  • Inbound Voice and Video Messaging
  •  Closed Captioned
  • Bi-lingual Features' 
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Active Marketer Package 


  • Get 5000 SMS messages
  • Local Phone Number (Longcode) for Text Broadcasting
  • 5 page Installs 
  • Lead Tracking Analysis 
  • Full Featured Reporting
  • Custom Loadouts for QR Codes, Forms and Coupons 
  • Inbound / Outbound Text Messaging 
  • Inbound Voice and Video Messaging
  • Closed Captioned
  • Bi-lingual Features'  
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Pro Package 


  • Get 10000 SMS messages
  • Local Phone Number (Longcode) for Text Broadcasting
  • 50 Page Installs 
  • Lead Tracking Analysis 
  • Full Featured Reporting
  • Custom Loadouts for QR Codes, Forms and Coupons  
  • Inbound / Outbound Text Messaging 
  • Inbound Voice and Video Messaging
  •  Closed Captioned
  • Bi-lingual Features'  
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